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What is Athens Against Apartheid?

Athens Against Apartheid (AAA) began in response to the ongoing genocide in Palestine. We are an anti-imperialist, anti-militarization, anti-capitalist, and anti-racist organization of Athens, GA community members with a particular focus on ending the Israeli occupation and genocide of Palestine & Palestinians.

We hope to connect our cause to others in our country, state, and local community.

What do we do?

We initially began as an instagram page aimed at inviting Athens community members who are not students to come out to Students for Justice in Palestine events. Eventually, we evolved into a core group of organizers, and our numbers grow every week. In the past few months, we have endorsed or hosted a postcard writing event, three Pack City Hall events,

We have also drafted an Athens ceasefire resolution that we are trying to get the ACC Unified Government to pass in some form.

Visit our linktree to learn more about what we’ve done so far.

Why subscribe?

Participate in community dialogue—

Be part of our community and boost awareness about what’s going on in Gaza. Comment and engage with us. We welcome (good-faith) dialogue and debate. We aim to raise the political consciousness of Athens and are happy to educate, discuss with, and support the folks engaging with our organization.

Support our organization—

All Substack proceeds go towards helping our organization function. We are almost all full-time working (and largely underpaid 😞) adults who dedicate our time, energy, and money to outreach and community events in pursuit of building a grassroots, anti-imperialist Palestinian liberation movement here in Athens.

Money will be spent exclusively on printing (leaflets, flyers, stickers, signs, zines), organization subscriptions, event preparation, and event materials. (Mostly printing though. Colored ink is expensive!) We’ve made it as cheap as Substack will allow us to make it for subscriptions.

Learn about the movement—

We’ll be posting about on-the-ground action happening in Athens in pursuit of a local ceasefire resolution and, eventually, a solid anti-imperialist movement. If you’re in Athens or Georgia (U.S.) and interested in learning more about our local ceasefire resolution, free speech suppression, other organizations, and generally what’s going on with the Free Palestine movement, it might be worth subscribing to our Stack.

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Athens Against Apartheid (AAA) is an anti-imperialist, anti-militarist, anti-racist, anti-capitalist, and community-based organization focused on ending the apartheid and occupation of Palestine.


We are community members of conscience fighting militarization, U.S. imperialism, and white supremacy, with a focus on ending the violent occupation of Palestine.